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What God has in Store

Princeton James Productions Presents: The Gospel Theatrical Experience - Sunday, June 5, 2022!


Celebration, Motivation and Inspiration are on full display with the Gospel Theatrical Experience presented by Princeton James Productions. We invite you to partner with us as we chart new waters with our audience.


While attendees will come for entertainment, we expect them to leave with uplifted hearts and inspired to live in a more connected and impactful way. The catalyst for a life change isn’t out of the question when the songwriters, singers, poets, pastors and veteran cast members that have been curated by PJP hits the stage on June 5th.


Some of the entertainment industry’s most talented individuals have roots in church and faith-based backgrounds. PJP pays homage to this foundation that has led to some of the most impressive personalities that audiences everywhere enjoy.


This experience isn’t only about the past, but it is an introduction to the future by showcasing an intentional, artistic, collaborative effort that will demonstrate new realms of artistic expression and meaningful message delivery.


The connection of humanity with its soul is the bedrock of gospel music and we expect that connection to lead to a wealth of possibilities to come.


Support of this effort will be an investment in social impact and will instill hope for a better us together.


Join us in leading the way!

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